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Zayra Denisse Miranda Digital Marketing Specialist

Creativity + Internet

When tech and creativity get mixed, magic happens.

Hi! My name is Zayra Denisse Miranda, I'm a digital marketing specialist living in Mexico City. I help people and brands to create and promote new products, services and ideas using digital media. I have worked as a web designer, UI/UX designer, community manager and more.

I currently work full-time, but I'm available to give consultancy services on digital marketing, branding and design.

You can finde me on Twitter as @_DenisseMiranda, I love sharing photos of cappuccinos and retweeting about creativity, advertising, business and marketing topics.

Fun Facts

About Denisse Miranda

I have been creating websites before the existence of Facebook. I have been involved in a lot of web projects, including startups and my own website experiments, this allowed me to get a lot of practical experience on digital marketing.

I learned HTML and CSS when I was 10 years old, and I got my first paycheck from a website when I was 15.

I love drawing, traveling and listening progressive rock music, specially Dream Theater.

I was the founder and administrator of the "Seiki Otaku" community/forum from 2004 to 2011, which had more than 3000 registered users.

I once asked Richard Staollman (GNU) to be my boyfriend... and got rejected :(.

I have a bachelors degree on graphic design (ITSON LDG) and a bunch of diplomas about Social Media and Interactive Marketing (ITESM) and I'm on my way to get a masters degree.


This is a small sample of my design work, but if you would like to see a digital marketing proposal just send me an email.


Freelance. Available for remote work.


  • Digital Marketing Strategy consultancy
  • Social Media consultancy
  • Digital Media planning
  • SEO and Analytics consultancy
  • Branding consultancy


  • Adwords campaigns
  • UI/UX Design
  • Marketing automation
  • Web Analytics optimization
  • Influencer Marketing


  • Web design
  • Logo design and identity
  • Ilustration: posters, covers, etc.
  • Community Management
  • Content generation
  • Email marketing


Questions? Send me a tweet @_DenisseMiranda, add me on Linkedin or send me the details about your poject, idea or business to: